Is Ganymede – Not Mars Or Europa – The Best Place To Look For Alien Life?

If you have two pennies to throw away on a bet about alien life, bet them on Ganymede. And not on Mars! And now, with your permission, I would like to explain why. Ganymede: Odds of Alien Life?And as I was telling you, I confirm that based on these ratings, my absolute favorite is Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system, Ganymede, you know, is the third of Jupiter’s four large moons, with volcanic Io and ice-rich Europa located interior to it, and the heavily cratered Callisto orbiting beyond it. Ganymede is tidally locked to Jupiter, meaning that its same “face” always points toward the gas giant planet, but since it’s relatively close to Jupiter at an orbital distance of 1.07 million kilometers, it still manages to complete a full revolution around Jupiter — and hence, a full 360° rotation about its axis – every 7 days. In fact, it only has a very thin atmosphere, and a surface pressure provided by a layer of (mostly oxygen) gas. It would take approximately 100 billion Ganymede atmospheres all piled atop one another to achieve the pressures we find here on Earth. And you know… with an atmosphere that provides so little pressure, it’s impossible to have liquid water on the surface. No liquid water, no life, case closed, right? So, without an atmosphere, why would we consider Ganymede at all as an interesting world to examine for life. – – “If You happen to see any content that is yours, and we didn’t give credit in the right manner please let us know at and we will correct it immediately”




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