Is Debunking UFOs Becoming A Dying Art?

Debunking UFOs was fashionable for a long time after the Roswell incident. With the UFO truth denying movement behind them, debunkers had a field day treating down anyone who even remotely thought UFOs are real. Alien abduction victims lived for many years in fear, not from the ETs themselves, but from merciless skeptics who would stop at nothing to expose them as frauds. That’s all changing though. In fact, in today’s environment, we are almost at the point where it’s the skeptics and debunkers who have to prove UFOs are not real. Who would have thought? One of the greatest defenders of the UFO truth was the late Stanton Friedman. He put skeptics and debunkers in their place many times. He loved the fight. In this interview, Grant Cameron talks about the Friedman legacy, his battle with skeptics, disclosure and the CE-5 movement. This is the full interview I conducted during the Aliens Revealed Live Summit.



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