InVideo Who I am and whpprenderfs 1618868419348 Nancy Thames

 Who I am and what I believe.

Exploring my complex relationship with higher dimensional beings and my quest for personal growth and spiritual understanding




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Nancy Thames

2 thoughts on “InVideo Who I am and whpprenderfs 1618868419348 Nancy Thames”

  1. Hello Nancy! The quote from the ET’s to you is quite remarkable and I will say if they said that to me.I would decline there offer in regards to a off world home to congregate in and home is where the heart is besides I never considered myself homeless even when I was at one time.I have accepted my life not as a role but as a place I will live in and eventually die into nothingness.I probably don’t qualify to be reborn on the eternal life planet because I can’t maintain happiness or living a positive life without needing medication to do so.The Raelian movement or at least Rael himself believes people can solve depression by thinking or serving others further no pill can do that so throw away the pill.His words not mine and I hope you continue to exist here on Earth long enough to see and experience paradism take shape on Earth in the future.We have a lot to celebrate on Earth with the elimination of both work and money.I hope you’ll stick around long enough to see humanities freedom from the slavery of these things come true hopefully in our prespective lifetimes.Truly the acquisition of wealth can and will be no longer the driving force in our future lifetimes.There is certainly a lot to clean up as far as pollution and other things that have happened on this planet more than ever we need free energy,anti-gravity technologies and all other things that have been kept from humanity.Your needed here most of all not on some off world home somewhere and even though you don’t agree with my Raelian filled comments over time.The Raelian movement will stand next to you even if its only me.Well I hope you change your mind and decide to stay on Earth the Earth and its inhabitance needs you and people like me in the movement would be honored to be by your side at these trying times.Okay I’ve said what I needed to say now I will leave you with one of my favorite sayings,”May the force of unconditional love be with you always my sister!”

  2. Hello Nancy,

    You’ve done a wonderful job on this video and of presenting yourself and your journey. I was curious if you happened to be an RH Negative? I don’t mean to be intrusive, I myself am a experiencer and RH Negative researcher. I’ve been directed by Spirit to create a network for peaceful, collaborative communications. If your on Tik Tok and have any interest in my work or in communicating, I’d love to speak with you. You can find me under MotherAbigail74. Thanks!


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