Intelligent Life on Saturn?

In 1973, Ruth Norman (Uriel) made psychic contact with the planet Saturn. Due to her extremely high developed  Superconsciousness, Uriel expressed a highly evolved psychic and healing nature, as well as the ability to contact or attune to other planets. She spoke with other planetary dwellers, usually the planet leader, using subchannels. She spoke with a soul who was identified by the name of Essa. The contact is printed in Unarius book “Tesla Speaks Vol. 5.”

Planet Saturn has some technological development, but not to the point where they were able to physically leave their planet. They had been using some type of computerized SETI – Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and were scanning universe for higher frequencies in an attempt to communicate with more advanced civilizations.


Essa: “Yes, we are scanning with our ultrahigh frequencies the heavens, you might say, or spiritual dimensions, and are aware of the tremendous influx from these Celestial Kingdoms.  There are a few of us who are consciously aware of the spiritual nature of the inner worlds and are teaching in various Centers the ways of life on these inner planes.  And so we are becoming very much cognizant of the wonderful way to develop our mental abilities to encompass the entire scope of the universal nature of the Creator.”

There are a comparative few people on Saturn who have begun to develop their inner psychic and telepathic nature and who know about reincarnation or regeneration. They have been in communication with Mars, using a form of mental telepathy.

Essa: “We are in communication now with Mars in a form of mental telepathy; however, the people on Mars do not come to this planet in physical bodies.  It is too foreign and they would be quickly destroyed.”

Over the past 1000 years, the people on Saturn have been developing a more or less scientific society, excelling in the chemical and electronics fields. Their cities are built in a circular design and are of many levels – half below the ground and half above – linking themselves with tubes. They do not breathe the air as detected here on Earth in its oxygen-hydrogen contents but theirs is a gaseous form such as ammonia. Their body temperature is below what we refer to a freezing.

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