Initiating Alien Contact: A Primer on CE-5 with Guest, James Iandoli

Jan 23, 2021

Amidst the ongoing surge of interest regarding reports of elusive UFOs/UAPs that are being seen by the military and civilians alike, many seem to have missed the fact that a movement has emerged over the last couple of decades, geared specifically towards taking the front foot in the relationship with these mysterious “Others”. CE-5, which is short for “close encounters of the fifth kind”, is all about human beings initiating contact and communication with these non-human intelligence(s). CE-5 seeks not only to bring about the appearance of strange – perhaps extraterrestrial – craft in our skies, but also to establish an ongoing relationship with these beings from “elsewhere”.


Are these extraterrestrials? Interdimensionals? Some combination of the two? Something else entirely? And how effective is CE-5 for its proponents? We’ll discuss these and related matters with our special guest, James Iandoli, a long-term CE-5 practitioner and the founder of Engaging the Phenomenon, who’s not only experienced many of his own astounding encounters with these Others, but who has also championed the CE-5 cause, helping to grow it into the thriving, global community it is today.

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