“I Was Taken Onboard a UFO!” Ten Astonishing True Cases

There is no experience quite like an onboard UFO encounter. A simple sighting is undeniably interesting, but often they can be misperceived and misinterpreted. Even UFO landings and face-to-face encounters tell us nothing about what it’s like inside a craft. Onboard UFO encounters are so close-up that it’s virtually impossible to misperceive the experience. Witnesses are not only touching the UFO, they are breathing the air inside it, smelling the odors, hearing the sounds, and communicating directly with the extraterrestrials. It is cases like these where we learn the most about ETs, who they are, where they come from, why they are here and their agenda on our planet. Cases of people being taken onboard are far more numerous than most people realize. In fact, many researchers believe that millions of people are having these experiences. They’ve been taking place for many years and occur all over the world. This video (and article) present ten cases of people who have had this astonishing type of encounter. Many of these are multiple witness cases involving physical evidence such as landing traces, EM disturbances and medical effects, both injuries and healings. They show remarkable commonalities, and also unique features. In some of the cases, the witnesses were able to hold long interactive conversations with the ETs and learned a great deal of information. CASE 1: BARBARA SCHUTTE. After attending a UFO convention in 1981, Barbara Schutte of Wever, Iowa learned that she herself was having UFO experiences. After undergoing hypnosis, she learned she was a lifelong abductee and was given an important life mission by the ETs to help educate the world about UFOs. CASE 2: CYNTHIA VODOVOZ. In Oct 1973, Cynthia Vodovoz (age 12) was driving with her mother to ballet class in Birmingham, AL when they had a missing time UFO encounter. Later, under hypnosis, Cynthia recalled being pulled onboard and examined. It was to be the first of many other encounters. CASE 3: MARTHA THRONE. While driving with her husband, Ernest in Sonora, CA, on Oct 30, 1977, Martha Throne was floated out of her car and into a UFO. She was physically examined by human-looking ETs, and was amazed to see hundreds of ETs onboard. The experience was profoundly benevolent and was spiritually transforming. CASE 4: PATRICK EUDY. It was Mar 9, 1979. Driving near his home in Monroe, NC, Patrick Eudy found himself and his car being sucked up into a craft. Inside, he was examined by ETs, and was later taken to the control room. Looking out a window, he saw the Earth far below him. He was returned to a location many miles away with almost no memory of the event. It wasn’t until 2 years later that he went under hypnosis and learned what had happened to him. CASE 5: LULI OSWALD & FAUZE MEHLEN. On Oct 15, 1979, Luli Oswald and her student Fauze Mehlen were pulled onboard a craft and examined by short beings with a “rat-like” appearance. They told Luli they had contacted her because of her abilities with ESP. The ETs seemed most interested in Fauze and told Luli that she was of no use to them. CASE 6: MEGAN & RENEE ELLIOTT. On Aug 21, 1980, Megan Elliott and her daughter (age 1 ½) were driving near Lake Fork Creek in TX, when they were pulled with their car into a craft. Megan was examined and her daughter was healed of two illnesses. The ETs brought them to another room and gave them strange pellets of food. They then answered many of Megan’s questions about who the ETs are and why they had taken her. CASE 7: RUBEN MENESES. It was Oct 15, 1981 when truckdriver Ruben Meneses was pulled with his truck into a craft. Ruben was badly traumatized and after being released from the craft many miles away, he suffered a nervous breakdown. Since the encounter, he suffers from light sensitivity. CASE 8: VIV HAYWARD, ROSEMARY HAWKINS & VALERIE WALTERS. After a night at the disco, three friends, Viv Hayward, Rosemary Hawkins and Valerie Watkins drove home and experienced 20 minutes of missing time. Under hypnosis, they recalled that they were taken together onboard a craft. CASE 9: INDU SHAH. In 1985, while hiking near the Ganges River in Bihar, India, 17-year-old Indu Shah was missing for 3 days. She was found wandering dazed and disoriented with burns on her skin. Under hypnosis, she recalled a harrowing onboard experience with strange ETs. CASE 10: ANGELO & GRACIA RICCI. While picnicking near Cadore in the Italian Alps on Aug 15, 1986, Angelo and Gracia Ricci watched a UFO land next to them. 7-foot-tall ETs came out and carried them onboard and gave them a strange exam. Ten cases, from all across the planet, each providing profound insights into the nature of the UFO phenomenon, and each adding another piece of the puzzle to solving the UFO mystery. Cases like these are impossible to deny. They leave no doubt that we are being visited, that we are not alone in this amazing infinite universe. PRESTON DENNETT WEBSITE: https://prestondennett.weebly.com/



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