I found a 4,600 years-old document describing a humanoid species named Sygil

Oct 7, 2019
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Anunnaki are friends!

It is time to openly face the truth – we are not alone in the Universe. And in fact, there will be no official contact with aliens for the simple reason that it (the contact) has never stopped. Just think about it – as soon as television was invented, hundreds, thousands of movies about aliens appeared on screen. A coincidence? Coincidences are far from happening by chance. The question remains as to where exactly science fiction writers get their incredible ideas from. Archaeological findings that are inconvenient to official science tear to shreds Darwin’s theory of evolution.

We are not going to beat around the bush and go straight to the point – ALLATRA TV, a popular volunteer internet television (managed by the public movement of the same name), has recently been increasingly featuring discussions with academician, professor Igor Mikhailovich Danilov in the presence of a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization, a pretty young lady named Zhanna. Information that is discussed in the programmes “The Chance on the Verge”, “Tricks of Consciousness”, “The Shield”, “Impact and Protection”, “About the Ninth Circle”, “Thought is material. It is Proven.” and many others, is not just shocking, but gives a sense of overall understanding, as if we had known about these things before, but for an unknown reason we forgot about them.

Don’t we know that there are billions of planets in our Universe where undoubtedly live living beings with soul like you and me? Don’t we know it? Somewhere deep inside, looking at the starry sky, the Milky Way, the flickering of other planets… Of course, we are aware of it since long time ago (but for some reason we are afraid to admit it and rather avoid this topic). Since ancient times, since the Sumerian times, people have known about one of the highest and most advanced civilizations to date – the Annunaki civilization. They are human-like, soul-filled beings with an enormous (yet incomprehensible to humanity) scientific base. It is important to point out that Annunaki are precisely human-like, just like you and I.

“Nowadays, Annunaki protect millions of planets similar to ours,” says Igor Mikhailovich in one of the above mentioned programmes. “But in this world (in our Universe), there are actually billions and billions of planets in which the same people as me and you live, less or more developed, with their genetic deficiencies or advantages: someone blinks differently than we do… someone has longer ears, someone has shorter nose, but they all have one thing in common – the presence of the soul. When there is a soul, then there is also a  Personality (Spirit). So no matter how different our bodies are or what interesting abilities we might have in this world, we have one thing in common, that ultimately makes us the same if we reach it, and that is Life. Angels are all the same and they are free…”

Anyway, the information is very, very remarkable… But that was not what made me write this article. The fact is that in 2007 the Vatican received a report from its scientists on the absolute inevitability of climate change, which in the coming years will completely destroy the present civilization. Increasing earthquakes, supertajfuns, unpredictable landslides, baseball-sized hail, sudden and rapid floods have prompted the Vatican, which has its own astronomers, experts in ufology and even a space observatory, openly declare that extraterrestrial intelligence does exist – and continue intense search for contact with extraterrestrials, with those extraterrestrials who would not only solve all climate problems, but who would help members of the ancient society of the Ninth Circle of Satan to retain least some power.

.You may not have heard of it yet, but that does not change the fact that both the Papacy and most of the world’s elite have long been convicted of the ritual of human sacrifices, especially children. The question is, why are they doing this? The answer is in the programme on ALLATRA TV “About the Ninth Circle”. They do it for having power over us, ordinary people. No matter how you slice it, not all journalists can be bought, and the truth comes out to the surface anyway sooner or later – incidentally, this is also mentioned in the scandalous documentary “Octopus”, shot by Galina Careva. The film contains a lot of evidence and testimony, which would curl hair of a normal person. There is plenty of other evidence, including the direct confession of Hollywood stars who are tired of being involuntary witnesses of dark events – Mel Gibson, Jim Carrey, Brad Pitt, and others are already openly talking about what’s going on behind closed doors of satanist´s country houses.

“What is the point of all this?” continues Igor Mikhailovich. “They hope that aliens will come to rescue them. I emphasize – THEM. For a full understanding, why them and why not us, it is worthwhile to expand the understanding. Recently, it has often appeared (and those who are fonds of ufology may have noticed) that someone is imposing on people such an idea that people begin to say that they are breaking the Covenant with the Anunnaki, and that Anunnaki should get out from this planet, blaming them they want to take energy from people, that they exploit us and the like.  However, the accusation itself is not important, the most important thing is that they declare their desire to cancel the Covenant with the Anunnaki.”


Let’s go back in history a little, as far back as 24,000 years ago. According to Darwin’s theory, our ancestors, 24,000 years ago, just got rid of their tail and took the stick in their hands and were chasing a mammoth with it. But in fact, 24,000 years ago (a little more), the human race of the Earthlings worked as slaves for those who are now called the Apexians. Well, the people call them this way.. They are often described by ufologists as being: small, about a meter tall, gray creatures. But these creatures with insatiable hunger are soulless Moreover, they are very intelligent and have actually outstripped human development in technical evolution by billions of years.


It is one of the most evil races in the Universe. And in their time they enslaved people, and people just forgot that they were a food for them, say, a supplement to their diet. Really, no kidding, they ate people. We were just biological food for them, the same as cows, pigs, birds and everything else for us. But beside this, people were their slaves and they worked in the quarries, in the mines to extract minerals, and much more. It was forgotten. Man was a totally rightless creature….

Yet people found within themselves the possibility to unite and together ask for protection from the same Anunnaki. And at the council of Meru, the Anunnaki were allowed to intervene. The Annunaki are one of the highest developed civilizations today. They are human-like soul-filled creatures with a huge scientific base, and even to date incomprehensible evolution. Of course, they easily removed them. But there is such an understanding as the freedom of choice of a human. And the whole protection of the Anunnaki comes down to the fact that they gave people absolute freedom and do not interfere in their lives. And indeed, during this time, (yes, there were contacts, and yes, there was help — occasional, rare and minimal), not a single evil race had penetrated or seized people for 24,000 years.

So the simple question arises – how did people learn that even a small part of people who publicly declare that they are breaking the Covenant with the Annunaki are enough and the Annunaki will be forced to leave this planet? That is the law. But the point is, that once the Annunaki leave this planet, the Apexians, those evil creatures will come here. And this top of the “Ninth Circle” makes a simple calculation. They rely on the fact that after the Annunaki leave, these monsters will come and they will mediate between these monsters and humans. They will say “this is the way it should be”, “that is what God wants” and so on, so that people become humble and do not ask the Anunnaki for protection. And the Apexians will stop these inevitable climatic changes in return. They really… can do it technologically, it’s a very developed race.But there might be questions: what about the Annunaki? The Annunaki can also stop the climate change. But, sorry, this is our problem, and it only happens because we decided so. And we ourselves bring these cataclysms closer to us through our inaction, our heartlessness and, say, at least with the tacit support of the representatives of the same Ninth Circle. And you understand what is happening in the world today. Say honestly: Is this humanity worthy of the future? Therefore, what humankind can change if it wants, but wanting is not enough here – it is necessary to endeavour.

However, the Ninth Circle does endeavour. They devised such a simple scheme: in order to survive and retain power, they decided to gift us all to the monsters. And who, if not them, could have given people these ideas that the Anunnaki are “bad” (under whose protection all mankind has been for 24,000 years, and that’s bad for them). In freedom. Yes, we kill each other, yes, even Satanists have the right to exist. And isn’t it humanity’s highest freedom that we can do what we want? Freedom is the highest thing that God can give people like us.

And if we change, He will give us Love besides our freedom we have here. But we have to endeavour. Let’s live so that we do not serve Satan…” a fragment from the program “About the Ninth Circle” on ALLATRA TV. “Are there aliens or not? But when the representatives of the Supreme… representatives of the Ninth Circle of the Vatican are talking about it, then it is worth considering” (I. M. DANILOV).



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