I Can Prove Alien Structures On Mars

Now, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet ever, but on this occasion I’m throwing the rule to live by book out the window an I’m going rogue. This is a definite Alien structure on Mars. If it’s not Alien then it’s a human settlement because quite frankly I can’t think of any other entities that this could belong to, unless it’s ancient Mars beings which no longer exists and this is a surviving structure somehow or for some reason managed to stay in tact? There could be an iceberg type of structure going on here with just the wee tip of it sticking out of the ground? The rest of the base could all be underground and could have miles upon miles of tunnels with many roads leading to other structures around Mars. A bit like North Korea’s tunnel from Pyongyang to China to hide from US satellites. This is a “I can prove Alien structures are on Mars” kinda video. And believe me, certainly does prove that some intelligent being is most certainly on Mars!




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