This connects to the ‘Tall Whites’, and the Andromeda Galaxy Vibration.
This is a very High, high level or energy and it does connect directly back down to the ProtoSapien and connects very, very strongly to the Annunaki in terms of what they have evolved into because the Annunaki no longer exist as they use too. They have become these; HyperSapiens. That aid and assist in very different ways the transformation of many different civilizations of which are mentioned under this ET-wiki, and they can act as a beacon, as a guiding light as you understand that your Galaxy, The Milky Way and the Galaxy of Andromeda are moving toward each other and many million of years from now will merge and join into one giant galaxy.
It is a symbol and a reflection that these energies are blending within you and you can now take advantage of the fact that there is a vibrational level of consciousness, a vibrational level of energy that is representative of this highly accelerated level of being and awareness and as we begin to wake up to the idea that physical reality is just a dream and become far more lucid in the physical dream then we will see that it is just our projection, just our illusion, just our symbol, it is just what guides you along the path of your best being, to be the you , you prefer to be, by acting on your highest JOY, passion, that will always guide you unerringly because that is just physics and that’s the way the machine works and it works the same for everyone, there are no exceptions.

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