Hybrid Wisdom for a New Earth with Yael Green

Hybrid Wisdom for a New Earth I Episode Info I We loved creating this episode; tune in for a truly unique voice in the world. Dr. Yael Green is a hybrid human, a skilled holistic healer, and an embodiment of the element she works with most – water. Dr. Green illustrates our relationship with water with beautiful description, cosmic understanding, and deep scientific knowledge. She explains that water wants a relationship with us, and that it has chosen to be here for this purpose! Yael also believes that we can find ways to cure the in-curable, by re-learning inherent healing wisdom that we have forgotten. Dr. Green’s approach utilizes the understanding of water and vibrational sound as part of her healing methodology – and she focuses on paradigm shifts through system re-patterning, dimensional energetics, and movement healing. Listen in as Dr. Green gives us a whole new perspective on water, healing, and being human, in multitudinous “waves” 🙂



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1 thought on “Hybrid Wisdom for a New Earth with Yael Green”

  1. Hello! In regards to hybrid wisdom it would tend to suggest that since humanity was made in the image of our ET creators the Elohim.It would be logical to assume are DNA is or was engineered from Elohim DNA to create what we are today.Were not only the result of Elohim creation but by in by we could also consider ourselves a human alien hybrid of the Elohim themselves with untapped potential to go forward into the future and create a Elohimization or transformation of Earth from a money based way of life with humans working like robots in order to live on Earth to a society based on paradism which in effect makes money worthless and human labor into labor done by computers and robots along with the automation of factories under the signal control of a AI intelligence.The prophet Rael has seen that for himself when he traveled to the eternal life planet with the Elohim the year I was born in 1975! There is no reason why we can’t clone that to be the eternal life planet of Earth and when I mean clone I mean reproduce that way of life for all of the human family living on Earth today.Let us not disappoint our creators and deny our potential we certainly have it within us to make a society the Elohim will be proud to call their and our second home! The first obvious step in doing that of course is by building the embassy to recognize their arrival to us in the future.Let’s also raise the possibility of human extinction from the bottom to a livable level certainly a good choice to rebuild humanity after a extinction episode would be those that are already Raelians today and Raelians today to future inhabitance of the universe as well as Earth tomorrow.I will end my comments here and step down from my soap box take care to those that read my words here goodbye!


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