How To Hunt down A Real Alien UFO

Apr 18, 2020


Was Bob Lazar inside a real alien UFO spacecraft? Is Bob Lazar not telling us how did the U.S military gun down these alien UFOs from Zeta Reticuli. How exactly did those UFO end up at S-4? In today’s video, I will talk about a technique that can be effective if you wish to track down a UFO flying saucer. Current conditions that exclude air traffic are perfect for signaling UFOS. I will guide you step by step on how to set up a proper signaling device that will try to establish communication with an actual UFO. Establishing contact with extraterrestrial beings might take some time depending on how frequent your signal is. I will explain to you what type of condition are best suitable to track down UFOS. This technique should only be used to capture UFO with a camera. Using any other methods to hunt down a UFO are strongly prohibited and could potentially be dangerous. Using different techniques other than a video camera is not recommended. With the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the sky is free of air traffic noise coming from airplanes making it a great time to communicate with extraterrestrial presence.

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