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I would like to take you through a process for clearing your chakra system of all extraneous contracts with significant others in your life. Your intent is to clear only those contracts that do not serve your highest good and about which you do not directly need to know in order to learn and grow. The following example assists you in clearing contracts with your mother:

1. Close your eyes, ground yourself, and check your aura size and boundary colors.

2. Run cosmic gold and Earth energies and turn them on Automatic.

3. Focus your attention on running the cosmic gold and Earth energies through your crown chakra. Hold out your hands in front of you and ask for all extraneous contracts with your mother, or surrogate mother figures, that exist in this chakra and that need to be burned.

4. When you sense the contracts in your hands, or imagine them being there, simply tear them in two and burn them in a normal-looking fire.

5. Run the mixed energies through your sixth chakra, or third eye. Ask for all of the contracts with your mother that are ready to be released from this chakra.

6. Tear them in two and burn them.

7. Run the Earth and cosmic gold energies through your fifth chakra, or throat. Ask for contracts with Mom that are held in this chakra and rip them in two and burn them.

8. Run the energy mixture through your fourth chakra, or heart. Now tear and burn your mother contracts in this chakra.

9. Run the mixed energies through your third chakra, or solar plexus. Rip and burn all contracts with your mother from this chakra.

10. Run the mixed energies through your second, or sacral chakra. Tear and burn contracts with your mother that are held in this chakra.

11. Last, run the mixed energies through your first chakra, at the base of your spine. Ask for all of your agreements with your mother from this chakra, and rip and burn them.

12. Run energy through the spinal pathway and arm channels at least two more minutes to assist in the ongoing clearing. If you are feeling emotional about this process, keep running energy, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to express the feelings in whatever way you need to until they are released. If a chakra area feels tight or painful, flush it out with the cosmic gold/Earth energy blend while breathing in and out through the local area until it relaxes and the emotions have eased.

13. Reground yourself if necessary. Open your eyes.

14. Bend over and dump out.

It is recommended that you wait a few days to a week before going through this process to clear contracts with your father, siblings, ex-lovers, spouses, or anyone else you feel is appropriate.

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