How The Galactic Resettlement Program activates planets and is now activating Earth: Karen Holton

Aug 24, 2020

How The Galactic Resettlement Program activates planets and is now activating Earth: Karen Holton
Forbidden Knowledge News Con 2020 The Galactic Resettlement Program Introduction My name is Karen Holton and I am here today to tell you about my paranormal experiences, and to introduce you to the Intergalactic Resettlement Program. Images are provided by Marco Antonio Calle (VERA OFFWORLDS), and are provided for illustration purposes only, and do not reflect my actual experiences. In 2017, my guides told me that it was time to come out of the closet and make public my experiences and knowledge about the Intergalactic Resettlement Program. My memories have spontaneously unfolded without hypnosis or regression therapy. They emerged slowly as I became more public with my experiences, but I do not have full recall. I just remember what I remember. I did not learn about this phenomena from research or books. I have reading comprehension issues, so I have read very few science fiction novels. I only know my own experience, and this is not based on anyone else’s work. I do not represent the beings from the Intergalactic Resettlement Program in any way, and I am not their spokesperson. I only speak to what I know and experience. Many of us have these experiences, but most people do not remember. Further, I do not have language for all of my experiences, but have chosen best as I can to relate my experiences, concepts, etc. in common English. I have been encouraged to provide information so that people can make up their own minds about the options they may choose from, for dealing with future world events. The Intergalactic Resettlement Program may become an option when our physical planet is in crisis/transitioning and it is not be safe to live here any- more. I am not part of any Earth-based group, religion or philosophy. I am not part of Secret Space Program. There is nothing to be afraid of because these are absolutely benevolent beings. They have a “do no harm” mandate, and do not interfere with human free will. They may become involved when we ask for help and prove that we are serious, by altering our lifestyle and thinking, so that we can hold sufficient frequency for contact. When the student is ready, the master appears. Depending on how ready we are, how open minded we are, etc., then appropriate contact can begin. I do not know species/racial names, planet names or group names, and my E.T. friends are not from any specific star system. This is an unorganized, frequency-based movement. When we are ready, contact commences. On Earth, there are millions of us who share in this work, and I was delighted to find out that I am not alone, and that my experiences are not unique. It is the policy of this E.T. group to wipe our memories before we return, so that we can remain embedded into the Earth social/political construct for soul development. Even today, many humans have their rights violated as they are diagnosed with mental illness labels, when they go public with their E.T. experiences. In the 1980s the medical industry switched from physical lobotomies to chemical, and this practice is one of the things that has held back the spiritual and intergalactic progress of our species. According to about 50,000 people received lobotomies in the United States. About 10,000 of these procedures were transorbital lobotomies. The rest were mostly prefrontal lobotomies. Walter Freeman per- formed about 3,500 lobotomies during his career, of which 2,500 were his ice-pick procedure. In the 1980’s they replaced this procedure with anti-psychotic drugs and other pharmaceuticals. E.T. contact is still considered extreme mental deviance, and so disclosure is often met with stigma, ridicule and psychotropic medications, which cause chemical lobotomization.

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