How do you find your Starseed Group ?

What is Starseed and why are they here?

What Is a Starseed and Why Are They Here? 1 Starseeds are highly evolved souls whose soul origin is from the stars or the higher dimensional realms of existence. 2 Starseeds originated in star systems like the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, and Lyra (and many, many more places throughout existence). 3 Starseeds are those souls with past life or parallel experiences in the higher dimensions who are remembering this link and truth in the physical. More items…

How Many Starseeds Are On Earth?

There are many millions of starseeds counting upwards of 200 million on Earth, some who have been here for eons and are very familiar with the Earth’s cultures and belief systems. There are also other souls who are new to Earth and who are finding their way around. Every starseed that comes here has a mission or a goal regarding what they can do to help the planet. Many are “awake” – this means that they remember who they are or where they are from, and may be fully aware of their mission and involved in it. Many more starseeds are unawakened, some have failed to trigger and are lost within the Earth’s matrix of belief – they may not even believe in other life in the universe, although they come from other worlds themselves.                                                                                                                          Starseed Awakening & ActivationIt is typical for these times that starseeds begin to go through an awakening, discovering that they are part of a very large community of awakened others who fully remember or embrace their other worldly origins. Communities of like minded souls exist on the internet as does much information on various possible origins (see below). Being a starseed need not be a lonely journey. Below are some helpful descriptions to aid one in determining if they are indeed a starseed. If any one of the signs below fit, then an awakening may be happening – but remember to always trust intuition when determining where you may come from. This also applies if you suspect you have a starseed child. Parents of starseeds will find that they too are starseeds, although they could have different origins to their children. Some starseeds have spent a lot of time on different worlds so may resonate to more than one type. I still don’t know which one I belong to several really resonate with me.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.   – Love and Regards, Thank You,                                                         Nancy Thames

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