How Do Extra-Terrestrial Beings Communicate with Us?


Some are Aware, some Doubt, and others have No Clue nor Symptoms.


Billions around the Globe are Communicated with by Non-Human Intelligence’s’.


How Do Extra-Terrestrial Beings Communicate with Us?


We are woven into being through various electro-magnetic currents that flow into existence through vortices of spinning energy. The human organism is fascinating, each Chakra (a spinning vortex) connects to a specific gland, organ, a specific part of the central nervous system, a different layer of the auric field, and connects to a specific dimension of reality. The auric field has many layers of energy bodies, think of Russian dolls. Hence, we are multidimensional and right there at the heart of matter, in the center of the Sushumna (the main Nadi channel), also known as the Pranic Tube or Tube Torus – we find the power of the human heart.

“Every body in its natural state is made up of a series of ghostly images superimposed in layers to infinity.” ~ Balzac

The same goes for the various Beings within our cosmic cultures – they too have an auric field.

Yet some Beings have “no physical” body they are pure energy/ conscious energy. These multidimensional Beings are of the highest vibration of pure love and light. They are Celestial Beings, Divine in other words, and they don’t need ships to travel. They think, vibrate, and appear. You could deduct that they are the most powerful of all civilizations because they are not bound to technology and cannot be destroyed because they are Infinite Beings. They penetrate all realms they can physically take shape to appear to you, and they can visit you in your dreams.

These Celestial Beings are called by many names, in the bible they are referred to as Angels. They are also called Light Beings, Luminescent Beings, Ethereal Beings, Translucent Beings, Energy Beings, and Spirit Beings or Spirits (apparition of a ghostly figure).

The occult and mystical factors woven into this “communication” we all experience with these Divine Beings is quite remarkable and humbling. We will never comprehend these Beings and their motivations and yet – they are creators indeed.

Here’s something to chew on. Think about it, Beings of a Civilization Type II and III live eternally.

Can You Imagine Living Forever?

What would be your hobby? Your routine? Perspective and philosophy? Structure of your society? Priorities, if any? Nourishment? Science and technology?

They are thousands and millions of years ahead of us. UFO experts believe that these civilizations function through the spirit of collective consciousness and oneness. They understand the dynamics of this energy field of consciousness, and let us not forget that highly advance interstellar non-human intelligences’, who “are physical” and never experience death – their primary language to communicate would be mathematics.

On a Global Scale – How Do Extra-Terrestrial Beings Communicate With Us?

Through sacred Geometry = Crop Circles

Many experts from many fields have examined crop circles. Countless scientific studies points towards that crop circles originate from the UFO and Alien phenomena and a way for them to let us know that they are there, and that we are family. That we are a part of the galactic strand within our Cosmic Cultures.

Here’s something to chew on, field crops end up in our food chain. Think of flower essences and herbal remedies. Are crop circles infusing medicinal healing properties into the earth and our food chain?

Individually – How Do Extra-Terrestrial Beings Influence Us?

THOUGHTS – 3 Ways:
– Profound INISIGHTS come from deep sadness/ deep contemplation
– Sudden AHA moments of great INSPIRATION
INTUITION speaks to us in many ways
DNA – entanglement/ spooky action at a distance (storage of downloads)

How to Be a Clear Channel?  


How Disciplined are You?  What is the Degree of Your Dedication?

A daily spiritual practice is the secret.



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  1. Hello! I enjoy bits and pieces of the above posted article however the question of whether we can live forever and what life would be like if we did.Can be easily understood when advanced human cloning technology becomes availble to the general public.No doubt living forever will cause a economic collaspe do to the new lifespan its not in the elites best interest it would cost so much money to keep people alive that money to live would become unthinkable.The elite wouldn’t be able to control a person who has a young body but is hundreds of years old which explains why human cloning is illegal in the world.Its cheaper for the elite and more under their control that people have short lives.This also has a connection in regards to using the death penalty against others its cheaper to kill them rather than keep them alive if that said prisoner was serving a life sentence.Personally if I don’t qualify to have eternal life than I just disappear into nothingness.A sex act will not bring me back that is for sure but I do understand sex helping me or bringing me into the world.Hopefully the ban on human cloning will be lifted one day and if that day arrives we can create a eternal life planet of our own like our creators the Elohim have already done.The planet mars seems like a good place to start if you ask me and exploring and colonizing space will require immortality in order to reach these places since the Elohim have said to us space and time are infinite.We need infinite living beings to explore or colonize and the real life story will be a never ending story for those eternal beings that come after us.On that note I would like to share my suspicion that human cloning has already been accomplished already no doubt these people would be selfish keeping it to themselves to reap the obvious benefits probably with words like,”No one will ever know about this and so it is.”


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