Here Are 5 Amazing Signs to Identify Alien Hybrids

A lot of parents feel like there’s something wrong with their children and we are here to help you better understand whether you are dealing with alien-human hybrids or just stranger children all along. Here are the top five amazing signs that you are indeed the parent of a hybrid.

First off, their body temperature is way lower than that of humans. If they range around 94 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit you might very well be dealing with a hybrid after all.

For reference’s sake, the typical human’s temperature ranges around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit so anything below that is either damaging for the child or a clear sign of a hybrid living with you.

Secondly, you have all of these bizarre dreams. These reoccurring nightmares are definitely not your average night terrors as they usually feel too real to be just that. They are usually the result of a fragmented mind trying to piece themselves together.

Thirdly, you keep on waking up to unexplainable injuries. These are bruises, cuts, scars, etc. and you find them all across your body without remembering where you got them from.

Fourthly, your children feel like they don’t belong anywhere. They feel a longing for the stars and they often times find themselves trying to escape the monotonous life you chose for them.

Lastly, they all appear to be greatly loved by both animals and other children. Many believe that this is because children and animals can sense their superiority so they often times try to befriend them by any means.

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