Has Jeremy Corbell deliberately set out to fool the UFO Community? Here’s Why

May 18, 2021
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2 thoughts on “Has Jeremy Corbell deliberately set out to fool the UFO Community? Here’s Why”

  1. Re: the first “UAP”. The flashing lights and the speed do not necessarily mean that it’s an airplane, in my opinion. If UAP occupants wanted to be stealthy, wouldn’t they want to pass off as regular aircraft? Also, if it is an airplane, what aircraft has a triangular shape? Oh. It’s the aperture of the camera. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this “explanation”. Given Mr. Debunker’s application of his “triangular aperture” theory to nearby stars, I guess it “could” make sense. If it is an airplane, I believe that it could be determined, given the time/date and position of the object, what specific plane it is based on transponder information, right? Has this been done?


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