Happiness, Humans and Hybrids 2020

Oct 18, 2020
Happiness, Humans and Hybrids 2020 | Paul Wallis Plato taught that human evolution was enhanced by an ET intervention in our ancestral past. If humans are hybrids what does it mean to heighten our consciousness? What does this have to do with shamanism, pets and having fun on the beach? Something short and sweet from our time on the coast…

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2 thoughts on “Happiness, Humans and Hybrids 2020”

  1. we are not hybrids, we are gene spore distribution and always have been. if you read in the book of genesis you will find a detail overlooked or unacknowledged by mainstream religion.
    adam and eve were taken from the “garden of eden” and placed “outside” and the only way back to the garden was via “flaming candlesticks” therefore the garden of eden was not a place on earth but either existed inside the flaming candlestick that delivered them here or it existed back where the flaming candlesticks came from.
    It appears they felt exposed and out in the open as if they had lived their entire existence to date in a smaller space without huge open skies that left them feeling so small and vulnerable, perhaps never experiencing “weather” before, and it took time for them to adapt to earth including learning the plants and animals in their new home.

    the flaming candlesticks appear 3 times in the bible, in the “beginning” the middle and the “end”.
    the next occurrence was in the book of eziekiel when the flaming object came out of the sky and beings that resembled “men” got out and were wearing mettalic boots with “heels” that left footprints resembling a calves foot. they wore pants and shirts, not “robes” neither of which was invented at the time, they also had glass structures that stretched over their heads and had wings that did not “flap” like a birds attached to their backs and shot out fire and loud noise like a waterfall sound and enabled them to zip about very fast.
    they also had remote controlled vehicles like a wheel within a wheel that went wherever the spirit of the beings wanted it to go.
    it goes on…

    next appearance of the “flaming candlesticks” is at a time when humanity has developed to the point there is huge societies, over population and disorder an hate and evil and isis and nazis and such. families are falling apart and disrespect is the order of the day. add to this a huge meteor like a mountain hitting the earth and nukes launching from near the euphrates river and fires burning 1/3 the planet and poisons killing 1/3 the life and trees and fish etc , etc,..then the flaming candlesticks land in revelations with one foot on the sea and one on the shore, so coastline, to pick up what genetic material they can, to ferry a sample of adam and eves descendants away to where i dont know, perhaps another earth like planet or perhaps they will need to genetically modify the humans they retrieved to be capable of existing on the next planet where they deposit the next adam and eve group.

    and THIS is the truth. we are not “hybrids” we are them they are us %100.


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