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Mar 31, 2021

Christopher Patton is an international entrepreneur, technology diligence extraordinaire, and eco-tech guru. He accomplished inventor with a background in Electrical Engineering, Mining & Hydrogen Technologies. He owned the first American gold & diamond exploration company in the Ivory Coast and produced 14 documentaries on science and technology. He was a screenwriter for Warner Brothers, and Image Entertainment, a producer and a V/FX producer with Dark Horse Comics and a regular science advisor to the entire motion picture industry.

After having tested, financed, and evaluated hundreds of technologies, Chris Founded Quantum Green Technologies: an advanced eco-technology incubation and development company. Presently, he is the Founder of Phase 5 Energy: advanced motors, turbines, and clean energy systems for deployment in aerospace, nautical, agriculture, industry, and transportation and a Board Advisor to GEM (Global Environment Media). Cherry-picking the extensive Special Skills section on Chris’s extensive resume is great fun! Here’s just a few of the fruits from that tree: Nutritional Biochemistry, Finance Consultant, Electrical Engineering, and FBI Consultant on Ponzi Schemes and Foreign Trade Programs!

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