Gigi Young: The Alien UFO Deception & Atlantis Automatons Revealed!

ALIEN MOTHERSHIP MONITORING EARTH? Please join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for this Special Breakthrough Interview with Intuitive Mystic Gigi Young who has produced a Mind Blowing Esoteric series called Mars Mysteries. Gigi is at her all-time best showing the enigmatic layers behind the UFO Alien Abduction theme including manipulation by a separate, but technologically advanced group on Earth. She also looks at the strange report from the Pentagon that suggests an Alien Mothership is observing Earth. ATLANTEAN AUTOMATONS She also goes deep on the Mystery School story of the Automatons, a group of Atlantean Cyborg/Human-Animal Mixtures with strange scientific abilities who were created by the Belial Group as a race of slaves, but may have survived into modern times.



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