Galactic Federation – What Is It? Taygeta (Pleiades) and Federation – Mutual Accusations (Swaruu X)

Part 1 of the series of videos on the topic of Federation.



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1 thought on “Galactic Federation – What Is It? Taygeta (Pleiades) and Federation – Mutual Accusations (Swaruu X)”

  1. Hello! I’am so glad the symbol of star trek is being used in the highlight of this article and if I were attending meetings with Raelians face to face.I’d make a suggestion that we gather as many atheist aliens in the universe that we can and create a confederation of atheist alien space faring races that we can besides why should the god believers have federations out in space its not fair to atheist alien space explorers another thing to add to it would not be controlled by any military organization we’d give safe transport for those wanting to travel in space for no other reason but to go no charge and free!


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