Future Sustainable City on Mars “Nuwa”

Mar 24, 2021

The population of the planned city on Mars would be 250,000. As humans continue to explore Mars, plans are already underway to build a sustainable city on the red planet. The plans were presented by the ABIBOO architecture studio, which has offices around the world, including two in the United States. Nuwa, the capital and one of five planned in the Martian region of Tempe Mensa will be built vertically rather than horizontally, on the side of a cliff, which would lessen the effect of atmospheric pressure and radiation, the latter of which is to live without shelter.

Nuwa Could Be The First Human Capital City On Mars
Nuwa Could Be The First Human Capital City On Mars

Fortunately, we have carbon dioxide and water on the surface of Mars, which is what ABIBOO wants to use to help create steel and build exclusively from native materials, which is what makes it sustainable.

The city would still include all the pillars of a city on Earth, including homes, offices, and green spaces. The space designs are based on scientific research from The Mars Society and the SONet network.

Nuwa Could Be The First Human Capital City On Mars

“We had to do a lot of computer-based analysis and work with scientists to try to understand what the circumstances we are going to face,” Alfredo Muñoz, founder of ABIBOO , told Euronews .

However, those who dream of living in the city of Mars should pass the goal on to their children and grandchildren; Construction is not expected to begin until 2054 and move-in will likely not be before 2100.

The Martian City Of Nuwa

Inside the cliff is where most of the construction activity can be found, with ‘macro-buildings’ carved into the rock of the cliff.

There will also be the construction of “green domes”, which will act as parks for residents or as a place to try to grow experimental vegetation.

The main source of food in the city would come from the cultivation of crops, which would represent approximately half of the people’s diet. Microalgae would also be a vital component of people’s diet.

When it comes to recreation, people will be able to participate in much of the same recreation they do on Earth, from sports to camping to crafts.

Interplanetary migration

Getting from Earth to Mars will be a difficult task for those who want to live on the Red Planet, but not impossible. A shuttle service is expected to be able to carry people between neighboring planets, departing every 26 months, and each trip will last between one and three months.

The cost of a one-way ticket for people migrating to Mars will be expensive, expected to be around $ 300,000.

Mythological Meaning Of The Name Nuwa

The name selected for the city, Nuwa, takes root in the Chinese mythological goddess who is the protector of humans.

Nuwa is in charge of maintaining and repairing the Celestial Wall, whose fall would destroy the world. Legend has it that there was a dispute between two of the most powerful gods and they decided to settle it with a fight. When Gonggong, the god of water, saw that he was losing, he hit Mount Buzhou (不周 山), one of the pillars that supported the sky, with his head, causing the sky to tilt to the northwest and the earth to move to the southeast. , producing great floods.

Nuwa Could Be The First Human Capital City On Mars
Nüwa repairs the sky, in the Classic of Mountains and Seas (山海经; shānhǎijing) of the Qing Dynasty.

Nuwa cut off the legs of a giant tortoise and used them to replace the destroyed pillar while using stones of five different colors to repair the sky. However, he was unable to repair the tilt of the sky, which according to tradition is why the sun, moon, and stars move to the northwest and Chinese rivers flow to the east. According to other versions, she filled the hole in the sky with her own body to stop the flooding, so some minorities in southwest China have her as a goddess and some festivals are offered as a tribute to her sacrifice.

Lastly, Nüwa is also seen as a Creator. Having existed since the beginning of the world and feeling lonely, she began to create animals and human beings.

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