Four Encounters with Gray Aliens

Mar 6, 2021

Grays are the most commonly reported type of extraterrestrial. Many of the cases are strikingly similar, however, they also have significant differences. Some are scary and traumatic, while others seem benevolent. This video presents four firsthand cases of different people who have encounters gray aliens. –Connie, a housewife from Arleta, California sees a gray outside her window, staring at her newborn son. –Kim, a retired Army vet from Bourbonnais, Illinois, wakes up to see three grays surrounding his bed, telling him to get up and go with them. –Natalie, a graphic artist from Norway is accosted by three grays in her bedroom, who start to perform an operation on her back. –Harry, an auto mechanic from Vandalia, Ohio is driving with his wife when they come upon a UFO and two gray aliens hovering above the road. Four cases involving gray aliens, each with profound similarities and differences. Who are these grays visiting our planet? Why are they here? These four cases provide a little glimpse into the gray agenda and answer some of the questions we have surrounding these mysterious visitors. To explore more about these cases and others, please check out my books, “Inside UFOs” and “Onboard UFO Encounter.”

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