Forbidden History of Humanity and the Anunnaki


The Sumerian texts former refer to the Anunnaki as “those who descended from heaven”, a race of extremely powerful and advanced beings who designed mankind to hundreds of thousands of years ago.

According to the Genesis account , the twelfth planet known as Nibiru was populated by humanoids very similar to us humans. After they encountered a severe problem in their atmosphere, they went on a quest through the solar system in order to find gold , a special metal that could heal their planet.

When Nibiru approached the Earth’s orbit some 432 thousand years before Christ , the Nibiruans used spacecraft to send individuals and essential goods from their planet to Earth. After reaching the surface, the advanced beings established bases in ancient Mesopotamia . To extract the precious metal, gold mines were established in South Africa where they were abundant deposits of this mineral. Because doing the work as a miner did not suit the Nibiruan teachers,


the Anunnaki people were sent to do the work for them. Treated as a kind of slaves , they represented the working element of this society, even though their physical and intellectual characteristics were imposed on our current modern human standards.

Nibiru Because of their superior characteristics, the Anunnaki soon rebelled against their supervisors and demanded to create an inferior being in order to make this “small” work instead. Their leaders consulted and finally concluded that a minor being was necessary for this type of exploitation work, and thus they created a new race combining their genes with those of the more evolved primates that lived in the Earth at that point in the Time, which were probably the Australopitechus.

At first, Enki and Ninmah (two of the leaders) designed beings with formidable strength and size who worked for the Anunnaki on Earth, helped to extract the gold. As perfect as this sounds, their creation had an important flow – they could not reproduce, and so the so-called “gods” had to continuously create more of them to keep the mining process running at the desired capacity.


As time passed, Enki and Ninmah developed several beings until they reached the desired goal. After all their struggle, they achieved what was sought, that the new beings could be reproduced among them, so the first human race appeared in the form of Homo Erectus. Every time Nibiru moved away from Earth, a part of the “gods” returned to their home planet until the cycle of 3,600 years ended;

At this time the Sumerians call it a Sar . Meanwhile, the Anunnaki remained on Earth to care for the gold mines and slaves, just as it was commanded by their “gods.” Because the new created beings possessed many human characteristics, just as their creators (they were created in their image), they finally began to fight for earthly desires.

Tree of life Anunnaki Taking advantage of the situation, the slaves formed an alliance and rebelled against their masters, as the Anunnaki once did. Many of them managed to escape from the mines and eventually settled as free people in other parts of the Earth, living their lives as described in many ancient texts, “like wild beasts.”

After 3,600 years the cycle was completed once again, the leaders of the Anunnaki returned to Earth and were very unhappy to see that the situation was out of control. The Anunnaki were condemned to work in the mines once more. During their brief stay on planet Earth, teachers performed more experiments to create a more sophisticated race of workers. After designing

Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus, they developed a race capable of thinking, speaking and reproducing, and created the man also known as Homo Sapiens . Scientific chief Enqi and doctor Ninti, head of the Anunnaki, used genetic manipulation and in vitro fertilization in order to create human beings in his image.

The process consisted of the development of a biological organism in a controlled, nonbiological environment, similar to laboratory vessel tubes, as shown on the seal of an ancient Sumerian cylinder.

Man and woman created them, Blessed them and called his name Adam, in the day when they were created. – Genesis 5: 2

The Hebrew word for man is Adam, referring not to a single person but rather, in our case a tribe of human beings called Adanites or “Those who are of the earth.” After the Anunnaki created the man – Homo Sapiens,


he still faced a big problem: the slaves who escaped and dispersed on a large part of the planet. The solution came along with the great flood that was to come as a result of what was happening in our solar system back then.

This was mutually agreed upon, and the species created “fugitive” would be allowed to die without them knowing what was to come. However, scientific director Enqi who was one of the leaders, and convinced that his latest creation, Homo Sapiens , was too complex and unique, and therefore deserved to live on this planet and so finally decided.

The events that followed brought the great flood, cleansing humanity except for Homo Sapiens. Recent scientific discoveries, such as the Neolithic gold mines in South Africa or the tracking of all the human DNA to a single source, called “Eve” , from the genesis have been able to confirm the interpretation of the Sumerian records. And yet another interesting fact is that scientists can not relate how Homo Sapiens appeared only about 49,000 years ago, without any possible explanation about its sudden evolution.

This study was based on the work of Zecharia Sitchin known as  Chronicles of the Earth which presents the forbidden history of the human species, from countless studies and interpretations of the ancient civilizations that once flourished and developed using techniques now forgotten.

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