Fleet of UFOs passing the moon filmed from an Earth based telescope


It looks like it is a fleet of UFOs, a large Mothership followed by several smaller UFOs. The video captured last month, August 2019, shows the fleet of UFOs passing the moon until they disappear behind the moon.

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1 thought on “Fleet of UFOs passing the moon filmed from an Earth based telescope”

  1. I live next to Nellis. About three weeks ago I seen a ship go right over us. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. It start with a strange noise kinda like a jackhammering helicopter. It made the ground vibrate strangely. It was very big I mean big like a thirty story building big. It was going very slow. Slower than anything I’ve ever seen. It slowly went to the main runway. Then approximately 20-30 minutes later we heard the noise again but greatly intensified. I could. See but it sounded like a rocket during take off it sounded like it went up for ten minutes or so then back down. That happened for or five times throughout the night. Haven’t seen or heard anything since.


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