February 16, 2022 – “Tall Whites” and “Nordic” E. T.s – What’s the Difference?


Topics: “Tall Whites” and “Nordic” E. T.s – What’s the Difference? Remote viewer and astral projector Buddy Bolton from the Bronx, New York, took on the challenge to “see more” about the two alien civilizations in Earth’s Milky Way Galaxy neighborhood that are described by some military, aerospace and scientist whistleblowers as friendly allies to Earth humans. So why isn’t Earth introduced to them publicly? Western Drought worst in 12 centuries – Climate scientists use tree ring data to determine 2000-2021 driest in last 1200 years. – Drought in southwest US “will continue for at least 25 years” Mystery in Wales, UK – hundred of dead birds fall from the sky – “hundreds of starling birds all died and fell to the ground” – One witness saw a big flash of light. Another heard a loud electrical bang – Strange birds deaths near Chihuahua, Mexico a week before Interview with remote viewer, Buddy Bolton – predicts huge solar flare in 2024, causing magnetic storm on level or Carrington Event – predicts 2036 solar mini-nova – “At least 2 extraterrestrial special helping us in space program” – “Tall Whites” and “Tall Nordics” Nordics – Nordics are 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall, blonde, light colored eye, pragmatic – “Friendly to us” – “longer heads”…”much more athletic, more militaristic” Tall whites – “Tall whites” physically very similar – “very protective of their technology”..”exceedingly wise”…”more advanced technology” – “500-1000 years more sophisticated” – “3 bases in the Unites States”…South America, Russia near large underwater lake – “they can be over 700 years old” – “they have their own base on Ganymede”



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