Extraterrestrials have a completely different organic design




There is a hypothesis that alien beings must have a biological structure similar to the human species.



Nevertheless, there is an opinion that the life of aliens can be radically different from that of humans. This was told by SETI Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak, who is looking for extraterrestrial civilizations and signs of their existence.


Seth believes that due to a misconception about the life of extraterrestrial beings, humanity cannot find reliable traces and information about their presence. The scientist’s guess is based on the age of the Earth.


The Earth is a relatively young planet compared to the cosmic bodies in the Universe. For this reason, humanity can lag several times behind in the development of technology.


Aliens can live outside of biological existence for a long time. As an example, Seth cites the development of artificial intelligence that allows their species to function outside the biological world.


The astronomer said that in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations, one should aim at signals from technosignatures, the study of chemical compounds, radio emission and light.




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Source: SETI

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