Extraterrestrial Healing – A Miracle From God Or Advanced ET Technology?

There’s something about extraterrestrial healing when you hear about it that warms the heart. Someone close to death without any hope suddenly is visited by an ET and in an instant, they’re cured. Miracle from God or advanced ET technology? That’s a question for debate that will be worth watching. And it would get ugly. Preston Dennett is a prolific author who has written dozens of books on the UFO and alien topic. His presentation on the healing power of UFOs (https://amzn.to/3wZBuDC) is very enlightening. He showcases more than three hundred examples of extraterrestrial healing just in the past one hundred years. But this could be just a fraction of the true numbers healed by aliens in that time. Most people don’t or won’t talk about it when it happens to them. Dennett sat down with me during Aliens Revealed Live and we talked about all aspects of alien healing in a fascinating discussion.

Why doesn’t extraterrestrial healing get talked about more? I was thinking about this recently and yes, my mind did go back to the times when Jesus walked the earth.

And I have to confess, whenever I talk about this subject I have to be low key around the home.

My better half is very spiritual and really doesn’t want to hear that Jesus may have been an extraterrestrial.

I’m spiritual too but I just won’t put God in a box. As a journalist, I’m wired to ask who, what, where,when and how?

I’m just curious. Was Jesus an extraterrestrial with supernatural healing powers?

Extraterrestrial healing is real. Prolific author Preston Dennett cites more than three hundred cases in his book, The Healing Power Of UFOs. And each one is supported by witnesses first hand.

Why Don’t We Talk About Extraterrestrial Healing More?

Healed By Extraterrestrials

When I sat down with Dennett during the Aliens Revealed Live online summit I suggested extraterrestrial healing was a fascinating subject but doesn’t get talked about much.

Maybe it’s uncomfortable for people to talk about.

Maybe people don’t want to be categorized into the “tin-foil hat brigade” basket. I’m not sure about you but if I was healed of an incurable ailment in the natural, I’d want to shout it from the rooftops. Wouldn’t you?

“Yes, it’s kind of surprising to me that it doesn’t get more attention”.

“I have to tell you, I’ve got files or cases like this from a wide variety of researchers like Bud Hopkins, David Jacobs and John Mack. Certainly from cases all over the world”.

“Most researchers will run into these type of cases. Think Barbara Lamb, Yvonne Smith…I could go on. That’s not uncommon”.

“These healing cases sort of fall into several major categories”.

“About half I found actually take place when someone’s taken on board a craft. They have an examination or they have an operation or procedure”.

“A good portion of cases, about a quarter of them, involved what we call a bedroom visitation, which is not uncommon”.


“A number of healings do take place while they’re driving or outside and they’re struck by a beam of light”.

“What really surprised me is about 10% of the cases actually take place in hospital rooms”.

“That surprised me at first but if you look into this phenomena, visitations do occur pretty much everywhere in very crowded locations”.

Aliens Or Angels?

So are we talking angels or aliens? Are they one and the same?

Again, this is a topic that will engineer strong debate for and against. But you have to agree, it’s a fascinating topic.

Dennett has detailed some amazing cases in the Healing Power Of UFOs. What would your first impression be when you hear of an amazing flash of light appear in someone’s home and shortly after, they’re healed?

Is there a connection between what we know as miracles and cases of extraterrestrial healing?

“Perhaps. I mean, I think there’s a little bit of a bleed through in some of these cases”.

“Could these be angels we’re dealing with because there’s certainly a lot of literature on that”.

“When a glowing figure enters your bedroom and heals you, it can be difficult to interpret what exactly is happening here”.

“So I imagine that some cases are interpreted both ways wrongly”.

“What appears to be happening is people are being exposed to some sort of very high level energy”.

Who’s A Candidate For Extraterrestrial Healing?

Just about anyone with any type of affliction.

Cancer has been a blight on humanity for a long time and it’s a disease which we as a race appear no closer to having a cure for.

That’s if you believe the non-conspiracy theory answer. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Dennett says that people cured of cancer topped the list of illnesses which succumbed to the power of alien healing in his book.

“Yes, forty cases of cancer. It’s the most common specific illness that’s shared”.

“A wide variety of flesh wounds too. You know, hands, arms, fingers head wounds and so on”.

“But not just flesh wounds. There’s burns as well plus minor illnesses like colds, flu, stomach aches, back aches”.

“There’s also a bunch of cases of eye healings, some dental healings and really a wide variety of serious illnesses”.

“Cases like arthritis, jaundice, diphtheria, tuberculosis, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis – a really surprising range”.

Who Gets Chosen To Be Healed By ET?

That’s a good question and one Dennett answers in the following excerpt from our interview.

The truth is, there is no real pattern according to Dennett of who gets chosen.

I posed the question of whether it was as a result of praying and his response was certainly interesting.

As someone with strong spiritual beliefs, I was hoping for a slam dunk answer of YES. I was disappointed.

Dennett highlights several amazing cases of people being cured by extraterrestrials at a time when their lives were close to ending.

He says the numbers of ET healings is on the increase. And surprisingly, people cured of one illness or issue they’re experiencing will discover that other issues have also been “fixed”.

Dennett describes this as being given a health upgrade courtesy of ET.



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