Dec 19, 2018
With research for the past 10 years I am beginning to have some serious doubts about life in general here on Planet Earth. What has been hidden from us by our own governments? Do we know? It appears that major relevant issues have been hidden from the Public. Like extraterrestrials living on earth. They forgot to tell us about that one; or did you know?
The fire in Paradise, California was a military attack using Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). This type of attack had to either be our military or a faction of the alien civilization that attacked these aliens and burnt them out in Paradise California. It was not a Wild Fire that destroyed Paradise, that much is beyond question. It was an attack. The DEWs have been repeatedly tested in California for the past five years.
Our government has to know these same extraterrestrial aliens have their species living in communities on our Moon. Did our military attack the aliens living in Paradise California? Or if it were the aliens Waring with one another, can expect more to happen soon?
Somewhere in it all is this “New World Order” people keep complaining about. Somewhere it seems there might be a tie. As serious consideration of the possibility of a One-World Government tells us it’s impossible. There would have to be the threat of an extinction event to unify humanity. An “Alien Invasion.”
That is only way I can think of to accomplish a New World Order with one-world government. It has to be an external threat of annihilation of the human race by a genuine technological threat of a one-sided War that would destroy our planet and the human race.
China, Russia and the USA would never agree to be governed by a one-world government unless forced to accept it. The only way I can see this happening is if the extraterrestrials make direct contact with the Human Race and give an Ultimatum.
You can bet the United States Government has full knowledge of those aliens that were living on earth in the USA and now remain living on our moon. They also bargain deals with the other non-human aliens; specifically, the Grey Aliens that are not exactly friendly or good.
I’m really beginning to wonder: WHO is it, what faction, actually is in control of our planet? Could it be the USA surrendered to the aliens? Is history repeating itself from the ancient history of India? India has written history of two alien races that came to earth and battled in the skies above them.
There is a long line of alien contact and sightings both around the world and in the USA. Could it be when the aliens shut down our ICBM Missile sites our government capitulated to demands? I believe that was in the 1960s or 1970s when alien craft appeared, and the ICBM Silos went dead.
Almost 50 years later the aliens are still here. Think about it. Is it actually reasonable to believe that alien space craft and aliens have been here on earth for more than 100 years (probably thousands of years) flying all around, having the humans constantly observe them yet governments deny their existence? Is this reasonable?
Yet we’re supposed to believe that aliens haven’t communicated with our world governments? Hmm.

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