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Are we the result of random evolution? Or are we the creation of one almighty God, or even many Gods who came from the sky? Or could all life on Earth simply have been created by artists and scientists from another planet? We are exploring the universe and we are planning to create life on Mars. Are we just repeating what has been done before? We think we are the most intelligent beings in the universe. But in this infinity, there are millions of life forms. There are some less developed than ours. While others have technology far beyond anything we can imagine. Extraterrestrials have always visited our planet. Why would they do that? And why are they still visiting us today? They observe our technological evolution and even prevent us from committing fatal mistakes for mankind. If they were violent, they would have invaded us already. We don’t have any reason to be afraid of them. They are showing signs of their presence more than ever before. Maybe this is their way of knocking at our door, hoping for contact. Or a way to show us that they exist and that they come in peace. Prophets have appeared, one after another, throughout our entire history. Where did they come from? Who sent them, and why? All these Leaders brought messages of love and respect from the sky, each geared to the level of understanding prevailing at the time. Could these Guides and messages all have come from the same place? Could the “gods” who created us in their image really have been people from another planet? We have raised thousands of temples to the glory and greatness of our creators. We have done this to show our love and gratitude for them. It can be incredible to see all these great Messengers return to Earth. The Extraterrestrials are just waiting for an official invitation to land on Earth. Are we showing them that we also want that contact? Or are we just pretending that we are really intelligent? That we are respectful to each other, and we love to share? That we are peaceful enough and we love to help? That we are generous and we love to give ? That we take care of our environment and fight for injustices? We should welcome them with love and respect, just as we would like to be if we visited them. Israel built the first two temples: Solomon’s and Herod’s temple. Jewish scriptures have predicted the construction of a Third Temple. It’s time to build this Temple, an embassy at which to receive our fathers from space. To prove that they are truly welcome, we need to share with them 1,210 acres of land and extraterritoriality. Like the smallest country on Earth! A $50 million dollar investment in the host country attracting millions of tourists. The United Nations provided guidance on the steps to take to advance our project. Are we ready to welcome an Extraterrestrial civilization?




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  1. Hello Nancy! For this post there is really nothing for me to add here.It seems you covered it all and I thank you for that but let the record show that I will be posting my comments on other articles on your webpage in the foreseeable future until than!


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