Earth is Vibrating – Is a Big Change About to Come?

In case you haven’t heard of it already, the Schumann Resonance the theory that Dr. Schumann developed in the 1950s. That is when he came upon proof that there is a resonance effect somewhere in the earth-air-ionosphere system.

This has been proven on multiple occasions, as most experts refer to this as the “transverse-magnetic wave”. They resonate at 7.8Hz and are said to vibrate at the same frequency our brains frequent on.

What’s really strange about this discovery is the fact that many believe the fact that our human consciousness is in itself affected by it, as we can change our perception of the world through these frequencies.

The fact of the matter is that recently, experts have reported the fact that the Earth in itself appears to be changing its frequency which is causing us all to feel discombobulated to the point where we can no longer process time properly.

Did you ever say “time is moving so fast nowadays?”. That’s not time moving faster right there, it’s your perception of time.

Schumann also reported on the fact that the Schumann Resonance reaches peaks of 12 to 16.5Hz which is our most ideal frequency.

This frequency has been stable for the past 2,000 years or so which is why we’ve grown accustomed to it. We perceive time as a constant, which is our current mistake as many experts believe that if we are to uncover the truth behind the Schumann Resonance, we could alter time in itself.

So, the Earth’s frequency is changing, causing us to change with it. Could this mean something is coming?

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