Dr. Steven Greer was Correct

Does CE-5 work or is it just strange coincidence Filming craft after the CE-5 protocols. Here is some footage from last night enjoy. Dr Steven Greer’s YouTube channel



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1 thought on “Dr. Steven Greer was Correct”

  1. Hello! If I were Steven Greer I wouldn’t be afraid to be wrong besides we have nothing to fear from ET’s especially our ET creators the Elohim! I will always stick up for them in my own way and I will reject god believing ET’s especially the ones that claim they created us in their so-called image.That reminds me of a video I saw posted on you tube it was supposedly a interview of a ET.This ET had some interesting things to say one of which confirmed there was no such thing as a creator and that he was in lineage to be a off spring of humans in the far future.This maybe the case however his claim for world war 3 erupting can’t be confirmed however if I were to guess this being is from a timeline which this happened.I’am not sure I’d want to be on that timeline myself but a timeline with a more positive outcome for humanity at large.Our galactic family letting nuclear war to break out doesn’t sound like them to me and through channels they’ve said they won’t allow a war like this to take place.That sounds more like are galactic family than allowing something destructive like that to happen to us.


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