Dr. Steven Greer & Matty Roberts tc about Area 51

Nancy Thames with Dr. Steven Greer
Nancy Thames with Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer went live on YouTube with Matty Roberts of Storm Area 51 to discuss the truth about the secret Nevada Test Site!
This hour-long discussion covers what’s really down below ground level of the base, how it is secured, and what would really happen if someone breached the above-ground security!

This is FANTASTIC show Dr Greer with Matty Roberts- we need Matty to learn more and lead the next generation to get us to Critical Mass. He has the same courage and curiosity we need to gain full understanding. Dr Greer is the best ever speaker and so knowledgeable Man I have ever met pertaining to these Subjects in Ufology and a lot of science, politics, disinformation and secrets. I have had the honor of meeting him several times. Hes a great person with a love for Humanity. Keep up Quarantine as much as you can ,use all safety precautions, (LOL) LOVE OF LIFE

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