Do You Choose Your Parents Before You Are Born? Reincarnation?

Do you choose your geographic location? What about your friends? Or your enemies… do you choose to incarnate with them too? Is birth random? Let’s put this idea to the test (muscle test) and see what happens.
 Even before we are born, our souls travel and search the whole planet for who they’ll befriend and who they’ll be blood-related to. According to official studies made by experts, the soul will undergo this process long before the baby is even born and it will eventually enter the fetus around 49 days after the development of the pineal gland which as we know by now is the link between the universe and the human body.
We refer to these choices as part of a contract that the soul makes with the universe. The reason as to why people choose poorly is mostly because they haven’t been reincarnated enough to know better, they are infants even soul-wise, while if they have lived through enough lives they are properly educated enough to spot the right family and friends right off the bat. The only thing they cannot control is their memories.
The souls will lose all of their memories after they are officially rebirthed, although we have seen cases of children being born with superior intellects right off the bat. According to this discovery, everything happens for a reason, we choose our own obstacles along the way in order to evolve as humans and eventually be welcomed into Nirvana through all of the sufferings that we’ve been accustomed to which refined our souls.

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