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Disclosure is another big topic on your world. Part of our mission is to establish open contact with you. It is generally believed that your governments are withholding valuable information about extraterrestrial intelligence. This is true, and we assure you that disclosure will occur at the appropriate timing. Currently, you are still cycling through a dark age, an age of ignorance. Knowledge of extraterrestrials that have played instrumental roles in the origin and history of your planet is not relevant information to your general population at this time, according to the themes of your current reality. What is currently relevant to your reality is mystery, wonder, and confusion. The truth about your origins and history will unfold in a timely, appropriate manner. Be patient, dear friends. You are rapidly approaching the Splitting Prism of Time. Many long-awaited revelations and adventures are on the horizon.

One of the most exciting events coming to your world is the public arrival of extraterrestrial visitors. There are already several extraterrestrial races that are interacting with you. However, most of these races are of a negative orientation. By Law of Attraction, what you pulse out vibrationally is always reflected back to you. Due to the negative status of your planet, it is very easy for negative beings to penetrate your reality. As you become more positive in nature, the tide will turn and the connection between you and positive extraterrestrials will grow stronger.

Would wish to further explain the Law of Attraction. Most of you are familiar with the concept of a Ouija board, yes? The Ouija board is an ancient tool used for divination; a link to the spirit realm. However, you might have encountered rumors or warnings about the dangers of playing the Ouija board when you are in a state of depression. By Law of Attraction, when you summon entities into your reality, if you are vibrating at a low and negative rate, then you will attract entities who vibrate at that same low frequency. This is a common phenomenon and one that is occurring at a planetary scale in your world. So long as the Earth remains globally depressed, the extraterrestrials you encounter will predominantly be of low vibration or negative orientation.

In addition to the Law of Attraction, another interesting factor that is preventing positive extraterrestrials from interacting more directly with is the stubborn mentality of your collective consciousness. By being skeptical of extraterrestrial life and by focusing so strongly on your physical reality as if there is nothing else that exists or matters, you are basically shunning us and placing us in your blind spot. It is very much like a ghost lost and trapped inside its own bubble reality. His loved ones may be attempting to communicate with him, to reach out to him and assist him in crossing over to the other side, but he cannot see or hear them because he is so stubbornly focused on his own personal reality. This is what humanity is effectively doing – refusing to acknowledge other realities by focusing entirely on its own. Thus, the power of your minds is blocking us from your perception.

Once you begin to open your minds about the existence of extraterrestrial life, you will then be able to interact more directly and openly with extraterrestrial beings. This begins of course in the Splitting Prism of Time, between the fall equinox of 2016 and the winter solstice of 2017. Gradually and steadily, you will change as a society, so that by 2027, you will have open contact with positive, benevolent beings from another world. It is still unclear who will be the first race or alliance to establish open contact with you. Currently, as we scan your timeline, beings from the Andromeda galaxy appear the most likely candidates. There is also an almost equally high probability that human-looking hybrids will be the first.

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