Dinosaurs Lived on the Other Side of the Milky Way, NASA Scientist Shows

Oct 24, 2020

I would like to invite you to join me on a virtual tour. In the course of our little trip we will fly by the most amazing objects in the nearest parts of our universe at the speed of light. We will set off at the orbit of Ceres, then will go as far as Orcus and pass some really bizarre stars on our way further and back.

At a time when dinosaurs lived on Earth, our planet was in a completely different part of our galaxy, says NASA astrophysicist Dr. Jessie Christiansen.

The sun moves around the center of the Milkyway galaxy, and it takes about 250 million years to fully rotate around this center. At present, the Earth and the Sun, having made a tour along the galaxy, have returned to the same part where they were in the era of the Triassic period. It was in Triassic when dinosaurs only began to appear on Earth. That time, when the most famous dinosaurs appeared on our planet (stegosaurs, velociraptors, tyrannosaurs, etc.), our planet was in another part of the galaxy.

Our entire galaxy is also moving and slowly approaching the Andromeda galaxy.

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