Did Humans Live On Venus Before Earth?

Sep 18, 2020

Scientists have found signs of potential life on Venus, but what does the discovery mean for the search for alien intelligence? In this video, Unveiled uncovers how Earth’s evil twin might’ve once hosted wide oceans and pleasant temperatures, enough even to support human life. But could humans ever, really, have existed on the next-closest planet to the sun?

What do you think? Are there aliens on Venus?


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4 thoughts on “Did Humans Live On Venus Before Earth?”

  1. Humans moving from Venus to Earth would solve some clues like the “rocketman” glyphs found in a number of places and indigenous stories of ancestors arriving from “the stars” but a new story would have to be found to explain the pretty complete evidence of evolution from primates.
    How ironic it would be to find that we caused runaway climate change on Venus and barely escaped to Earth to do the same thing again and barely escape to Mars which we are on the verge of doing now.
    There is a theory that says super-intelligent beings are impossible because they always cause their own demise around the time they are capable of space travel. Perhaps this is true and we are it!


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