Derric on his ride in an Anunnaki Spacecraft

Dec 9, 2020

Psychic Medium Healer and Paranormal Investigator Derric Whitesky-cloud explains his journey even to another planet. — Thank you for visiting our channel and we hope you enjoy our videos. It is our goal to inform, educate, and provide positive video content that educates as well as entertains. Sometimes, we may from time to time explore undefined areas of science, lore, stories, fables, pseudoscience, ancient history and areas that have no basis in common science, academic science, facts, or natural sciences or nature. We seek to understand and question the guests about their information and how it is they came to their conclusions, or about their experiences which may have no scientific proof, which we nevertheless wish to hear about as do our listeners, with an open mind in order to understand more about these questionable areas of the paranormal and UFOlogy. Our interviews are for informational and educational purposes and no endorsement is made by our team about any guests opinions or products, who often have non-mainstream opinions or ideas that we find interesting, curious, or speculative and want to know more about and inform our viewers.

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