Daytime UFO filmed over East Sandwich, Massachusetts June 2021


Some kind of ring-shaped unidentified flying object was hovering in the daytime sky above Sandwich, Massachusetts on Sunday, 13th June 2021.

Witness report: It was a beautiful afternoon so my wife and I sat on our back deck and enjoyed the clear sky. I commented that there were no planes at all flying around. Then I noticed an object that was reflecting the sun. It wasn’t moving very much, just sort of hovering or floating almost directly above us, perhaps 5-10 degrees lower. It had no flight path and moved from left to right. It would be visible one moment, then it would seem to disappear because it was no longer reflecting the sun. I had just purchased a new zoom camera and I had it with me so I started filming. I could not see anything in the view finder because it was so bright, but I just continued to film until I could see the bright object. I managed to zoom in on it and get a few seconds of clear video. When I put the memory card into my iMac, I was able to see the object much more clearly. It appears to be donut shaped with a hole in the center and with a bright glint of light on top. It almost looked like an engagement ring. I am attaching three videos. The one titled :”First Video” is the first clip I shot. It is unedited. The other two were edited to remove all the segments where the object is not visible. I still have the unedited full videos if they are needed. Thank you.



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