David Wilcock – Whistle-blower’s Encounter with E.T at the Secret Base

Our continuing talks with Emery Smith take us deeper into the secret underground facilities in New Mexico where he was tasked with dissecting tissue from strange bodies. It seems from a very young age, he was destined to walk upon this path. We learn of his earliest experiences with extraterrestrial beings, which may have prepared him for a life working with otherworldly creatures. As we get deeper into his story, details emerge concerning the facility that he worked in, the technology he used, monitoring systems and security procedures for entering and exiting the base. The significance of these measures became apparent during a frightening ordeal when something dangerous escaped the facility.



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1 thought on “David Wilcock – Whistle-blower’s Encounter with E.T at the Secret Base”

  1. Hello! Thank you for posting this story from David Wilcock’s interview and as for me the story isn’t new but I’ve followed David Wilcock’s work for a long time.I greatly respect his work and the encounters he’s had with those who chose to come forward with information similar to Emery Smith’s testimony.Thank you again and until my next comment goodbye for now signed,Richard L!


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