David Wilcock: The Great Pyramid is an ET Monument, Post-Disclosure

The Great Pyramid defies all logic and common sense with even the most simplistic overview.

Many people are unaware of how impossibly precise the measurements of the Great Pyramid really are.

Join David Wilcock in a fascinating exploration of the many mysteries that suggest only a super-advanced technology could have been used to build the Great Pyramid.

This discussion will be of extreme importance in the post-Disclosure world, after we get some form of official announcement that ETs are visiting Earth… and have crashed here and left wreckage for us to technologically explore. Don’t miss it!!!

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2 thoughts on “David Wilcock: The Great Pyramid is an ET Monument, Post-Disclosure”

  1. I’m facinated to know the existence of Extraterrestrial being & the purpose towards achieving their goal in Universe.


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