Conversation with an Extraterrestrial Walk-In

How would you like to hear a long conversation with someone who comes from another planet? Actually, you can! This video presents the testimony of a woman who actually recalls traveling from another world to planet Earth for a very specific mission. At first “Wendy” (pseudonym) had no idea that she was not from Earth. But after a series of dramatic encounters with gray aliens, Wendy began to remember her past as an extraterrestrial. She now remembers actually living a life on a planet far away from Earth, and then traveling to this planet to help teach humanity and awaken them to a whole new paradigm. After years of keeping her experiences secret, Wendy has decided that now is the time to step forward and share her amazing story with the world. Why are the ETs here in such large numbers? What does the future hold for our planet. How can humanity move through the dramatic shift that is now taking place? Wendy answers all these questions and more. This is one of the most unusual cases of ET contact you have ever heard.



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