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There are different levels of knowing. We can think we know something. We think our thoughts which are based on concepts that seem to pop into our mind from nowhere (now here). That nowhere is also known as our subconscious mind. Our initial thought forms are opinions which are a type of belief. You know what they say about opinions…

Thoughts can cause us to feel a variety of emotions which are useful in giving meaningful content to those thoughts. Our thoughts can trigger emotions. The emotions make the experience real enough that they gain our attention. The more intense the emotion, the more indicative that there will be significant information that will be available for us to learn. All that is required in order to learn from those thoughts is paying attention to how we feel about the emotions in that present moment. The emotional content of these thoughts are the indicators of specific lessons that will eventually be learned or temporarily disregarded and ignored. If we judge the thought and ignore how we feel, we discount a part of the entire informational download.

We know the most accurate information during our present moments of Awareness. With certain ways of thinking, we can use our Conscience to filter information and disseminate between what is right or wrong. This type of determination of the value of an information set is simple and effective. It is also limiting as all prejudice prior to the point of absorption acts in the same fashion as resistors limit the flow of electricity in electronic equipment. If we learn how to rewire our own brains in order to utilize greater capacity, we are literally reconnecting our built-in capacitors called neurons. We better understand things when this process occurs and we can say we have higher levels of knowing because our Consciousness is oscillating at faster rates of frequency.

With faster rates of Consciousness comes more clarity. We use our belief system to maintain certain frequencies as we are processing information through our Imaginations. We add more emotional content, and imagery from memories to enhance the movie that we are producing in our mental construct called the mind. It seems that all there actually is, occurs in our own Consciousness.

How do we know what is real? Simple…everything that you feel is a manifestation of our own Reality. There are currently 8 billion different conscious realities all occurring at different rates of frequency. They are all possessing different degrees of truth and only partially true. There is an Absolute Truth, but that is fully known, felt, and completely understood by The One.

So how does one even know if there is an after-life, or if God exists, or that Love is not just a chemical reaction that induces the release of oxytocin? We know all of these things and actually everything based on how we feel about it as we are gathering information about that which we are studying. As our Belief System grows through the reformation of our beliefs that are formed through our thought process, we become more aware of how to use our feelings to better understand our thoughts that generate emotions that drive the whole process of manifestation of Spirit into our existence into whatever form we envision in our conscious minds.

I am beginning to wonder if thoughts are felt which causes us to think more deeply about something we are contemplating or if our feelings are thought of which creates more things such as emotions. I suppose that it does not really matter. What does matter is how we are feeling currently.

If we think we know something, but it is only an opinion, we are more apt to try to prove ourselves right whenever we are triggered by another. If we know that we may not know anything sufficiently, and in order to provide valuable information to others, we would be wise to pay attention to others who just might know a thing or two about the subject, we become truly ready to know more. Would you rather be able to learn more about something and become more peacefully aware, or think that you know something, prior to obtaining ALL of the potential information, and remain miserable?

Consciousness: How does one know anything?

Awareness: When you feel it?

Consciousness: I mean…if the information is true?

Awareness: It’s all partially true.

Consciousness: What if you become aware of the one, with whom you are communicating, is lying?

Awareness: All information, regardless of intent, is always partially true.

Consciousness: Is all information useful to me?

Awareness: All information is potentially beneficial, so yes…it’s all useful.

Consciousness: How do you know which information I should pay attention to?

Awareness: By how it feels. Trust your intuition while being fearless.

Consciousness: So…what you are saying, is that I determine the amount of information that I wish to accept?

Awareness: That is a great question, perhaps my favorite so far in this conversation. Yes…you control the show by dictating the flow of electricity.

Consciousness: So…let me get this straight…I am in total control of my own capacitors and resistors?

Awareness: Yes. Anymore questions?

Consciousness: Not at this point in time.



Michael W. Evrard

Artist Unknown



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