Commander Ashtar Update




Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I am Ashtar and I am here today to deliver this transmission directly from the Galactic Federation of Light. I want to clarify some inaccurate information coming to your planet about Mars.

When Annunaki, Orions, and Reptilians occupied this planet to collect more parties to attack your Mother Earth, and start their operation of eliminating humans now, instead of waiting for the shots to kill the people on Earth. They needed for the Luciferians to come and help them.

My fleet together with Alliances have been daily eliminating their underground bases on Mars. Their presence there creates a danger not just for humankind, but also for the whole Milky Galaxy. The Negatives entities collected a lot different kind of deadly technologies to destroy and create chaos on Earth and around the surrounding planets.

Do you think we, the Galactics are just going to sit and watch peacefully, and allow for them to follow their Dark agenda through? Absolutely not, we are not going to let this happen, not anymore. We had enough of their dirty tricks and manipulations. My team and Alliances are working very hard to remove all of them from Mars. We did in the past more than once, so we have enough experience on how to handle this situation.

All of the portals are sealed, so Luciferians can’t make an appearance to join them. I already mentioned in my previous message about, what we have done so far. They keep reappearing and placing themselves on Mars any chance they get.

I am aware of their plans, and the Galactic Federation is going to completely remove the Negative Souls from Mars for good. The Earth needs to have their own fleet, so you can protect yourselves from these Dark Souls, and this is going to happen in the upcoming future.

The Mars planet has no life on the surface. In the past a couple of civilizations lived together until they went to war with each other, and destroyed everything on the surface of the planet. Right now, you can only be on the inside of Mars, underground.

Recently, our patrolling ships encountered with the Dark Ones ships in Sweden over the city called Uppsala. Their goal was to kill a few Light Workers using the DEW technology, the same weapon, which was used in California, United States to start fires. DEW is a directed energy weapon that can be used to kill anyone, start fires, destroy vehicles and buildings.

This was not the first time that they tried to injury or kill someone using this technology. We always try to prevent these types of situations, if we can.

Some of you are questioning on who speaks the truth and who doesn’t. To get the correct answer, please, open your heart or soul and listen. Don’t attack or criticize each other, this is not helping with the process of Ascension. You are making the corrupted souls very happy, especially when you attack the channelers.

Also, I want to let you know that I don’t communicate with many channelers, as I am too busy trying to finish up this important mission of assisting with your Ascension Process, and protecting your world from the Dark Forces.

I am grateful to be here today and send this transmission through the Universal Channel. Thank you.

Be the Truth!

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Photo credit currently unknown for this exquisite creator and visionary.




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