We Need to keep an Eye on China!

It has always been difficult for westerners to coordinate with UFO researchers in eastern countries. However, China has amazing UFO cases, and the Chinese government has helped UFO researchers get their findings to the public. This episode of Your Need to Know covers some of those great Chinese UFO cases, and reviews how modern UFO research, with the aid of the Chinese government, began.

Fifty years after the United States proved its dominance of space by beating the Soviet Union to landing humans on the moon, the country is confronting the cosmic ambitions of another superpower: China.

China didn’t launch an astronaut into space until 2003 — more than 40 years after the United States and the Soviet Union did. It has since developed its space program at a torrid pace, even as the United States has become dependent on Russia to maintain a presence on the International Space Station.

NASA hasn’t sent another soul to the lunar surface since 1972. But earlier this year, China made history when it became the first nation to land an uncrewed spacecraft on the far side of the moon, a feat it hailed as opening “a new chapter in humanity’s exploration of the moon.”

NASA and its contractors are still struggling to build a spacecraft capable of flying astronauts to space, eight years after the last space shuttle landed at the Kennedy Space Center. Meanwhile, China has developed a monster rocket and last year launched more rockets than any other country on Earth, though none with people on board

And while NASA is working to determine the future of the aging International Space Station, China is planning to launch a station of its own within the next few years.

China plans to send another spacecraft to the moon this year. It also has set its sights on the same remote swath of lunar real estate the United States is rushing to reach: the moon’s south pole, where water from ice could prove not only life sustaining, but might also provide the ingredients — hydrogen and oxygen — for propellant to send rockets to other destinations. Though barren, gray and lifeless, it offers a key steppingstone to deeper space exploration and enormous prestige to whoever gets there first.

The United States and China aren’t the only countries eyeing the lunar south pole. On Monday, India launched its Chandrayaan spacecraft on mission there. If successful, India would become the fourth country, after the U.S., the former Soviet Union and China to soft land a spacecraft on the lunar surfaceThe United States has noticed China’s ambitions, which have touched off a debate over how to respond and what China’s intentions really are at a time when space is seen as a critical warfighting domain.

We definitely need to be aware of China’s interest in Space and what knowledge they have obtained and never let them get ahead of our endeavors  and research. Whoever has dibs in Space has dibs over  of all of us here on Earth.
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  1. Hello! Considering the fact that China is a communist country with some things I disagree with like human right crimes and saying that Taiwan and Tibet belong to them not to mention the things there doing to their Muslim minority.I’am not also forgetting that their state religion is atheist.I admire them for placing a space station in orbit and I feel China should reach out to all the atheists on the planet to provide safe passage for those who aren’t millionaires to travel into space not to mention to other atheist countries like North Korea and Cuba or any other atheist countries in fact.They’ve got the same right to colonize other worlds as god believing nations do.Seeing there space station in orbit reminds me of the Elohim and their space varying activities.It would be wonderful if they the Chinese began to create life just as the Elohim on Earth did a long time ago.I’am not waiting for NASA to let anyone who isn’t a millionaire to travel and explore space atheists should get there first and China or any other atheist nation shouldn’t charge money for people to go in space it should be open for everyone.I hope in the future its us however there is a wonderful chance for non-paying customers to get there first.I’am sure China’s expansion on its space station could accomedate civilians who aren’t millionaires.To live and enjoy the final froniter without having to pay for it.This is my wish for the forthcoming year in 2022 for China and any other atheist country that wants access to space may it be free of charge!


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