Can We Contact UFOs with the Ouija Board?

May 10, 2021
A Ouija Board is a tool normally used for contacting and communicating with spirits. However, there are now many cases on record in which people do not contact ghosts…instead they contact aliens. In fact, many people not only communicate with ETs using a Ouija Board, they have initiated encounters, actually calling down UFOs and summoning aliens. This video presents more than twenty firsthand cases involving the Ouija Board and UFO encounters. The connection is undeniable. In some cases witnesses were able to photograph UFOs and even the ETs themselves. Even stranger, some cases involve Bigfoot. UFOs are known for having high levels of strangeness. And these unique cases show just how strange the UFO phenomenon can be. How do people contact aliens and UFOs with a Ouija Board? Why does this method work? Is it dangerous? This video answers all these questions and more. If you would like to explore more about these Ouija Board-UFO cases and other unusual cases that don’t fit the standard model of UFO contact, please check out my book, “Not from Here: Volume Three.” Now available!
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