Bringing All Life Forms Together! …… Alien Cookies

Honestly, finding out the truth about UFOs and potential alien life actually was on my 2021 bingo card. Oreo creating a special pack of cookies to act as a peace offering to possible extra terrestrial life wasn’t exactly on my radar but, hey, I love surprises!

Everyone’s favorite cookie created a special limited-edition pack of their original sandwich cookies for fans to pick up. The packaging includes a black background and an intricate blue design with the purpose of placing a cookie onto the middle of the design as an offer to the aliens. The bag itself even reads: “Bringing all lifeforms together.”

oreo alien peace offering
Tess Koman

Along with the updated packaging, Oreo also made a very real sign for the aliens in the form of a crop circle on a Kansas farm with a shape inspired by the chocolate wafers of an Oreo cookie. The design is three acres wide, which we can assume our beloved aliens will be able to see from their UFOs in the sky. We can only hope.

oreo crop circle

Although the limited-edition packaged Oreos sold out in only three hours, individuals can still take it upon themselves to create some sort of peace offering for their space friends. Think of loading up a plate with some snacks that feel most human to you. Of course, a couple Oreos need to be involved (and some milk for dunking them, duh) but some other items that speak to the state of the human experience should also be included. You think aliens would like Cheez Wiz?




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