Boris Kipriyanovich Claiming He’s From Mars Issues Apocalyptic Warning That Makes Experts Uneasy

We’ve all wondered about life on other planets. It’s easy to get carried away daydreaming about the unending vastness of space. The feeling that there just has to be someone or something else living out there is inexorable, but somehow we still label these thoughts as science fiction. However, in the last two decades, one extraordinary kid from Russia has made claims of extraterrestrial life that have scientists completely perplexed. While many people sensibly doubt the boy’s tale he’s been spreading for over 22 years, others admit his claims contain uncanny details about life on Mars… Just two weeks after Boris Kipriyanovich was born he held his head up without support. From that incredible moment forward, his parents knew he was special— And as he grew, Boris only continued to impress.

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