Beings of Venus on Earth?

The Ancient Astronaut theory is being taken more and more seriously by science. But who were these beings and where did they come from? According to a new hypothesis, some of these beings could come from Venus.

According to science, Venus is an inhospitable place.

In recent years, the existence of extraterrestrial life in scientific nuclei has been discussed more , reaching the point of questioning whether we have not been visited for thousands of years. A new theory could show that beings from Venus came to Earth long before humans evolved.

Beings of Venus on Earth?

For decades, NASA has shown various aspects of the physical nature of Venus, thanks to space probes.

Spokesmen for exploration missions have stated that its environment is extremely hostile , with air laden with carbon dioxide and infernal barometric pressure . It also has a heat that exceeds 100 degrees Celsius along with dense clouds of sulfuric acid.

In short, on Venus it would be impossible for life to be born. But a declassified archive from 1989, which is practically unknown , could change our perception of that world.

The document relates to the different contacts that have existed between Earth and Venus and how the inhabitants of the latter came thousands of years ago , and continued to come to “meet” the human being.

They even talk about the “selection” of people they have had over the years, highlighting people from the field, the humble, even scientists and government officials.

This declassified document presents, then, a direct contradiction to what NASA has explained about the inhospitable nature of Venus.

Obviously, many people prefer to trust what science has said and forget everything that changes the official version .

However, there is a question … Why was a document that, supposedly, contradictory, was classified and kept hidden for more than 30 years?

Obviously, theorists around the world have started to make statements, blaming NASA and the elites for hiding information about space.

Venusians have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.

“They want to help humanity”

If scientists, the only ones with the ability to study beyond Earth’s borders, have lied to us in the past, why not distrust their information about Venus?

The possibility of life on Venus completely changes general thinking about our Solar System. This is because we have been led to believe that the galaxy is an immense desert with only one oasis; the earth.

Obviously, there is another possibility; that terrestrial technology is not advanced enough to locate life on that planet.

According to this report, we can understand that the civilization of Venus managed to solve all the problems that afflict humanity today. An example of this are wars, crime, corruption and other issues that do so much damage to society in general.

This is due to the development of peaceful collective values that are based on respect, understanding and love. Through their frequent contacts with different personalities on Earth, Venusians came to offer us help in solving all these issues that prevent us from evolving as humanity.

The problem is that this support is always accompanied by a request for the abandonment of weapons of mass destruction. Reason that makes us understand why this document has been classified and, subsequently, hidden.

If there is a developed civilization on Venus and NASA has hidden it or does not know of its existence, it is something that we will probably never know. However, if we manage to make contact with a civilization that supports us in our evolution, would we react correctly?




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