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Beloved Ones,

We end May by having an eclipse in Sagittarius, and we too begin this new month of June by having another one in Gemini, leaving us just a short period for us to clear, ground ourselves and begin integrating again, for we will be immersed in a non-stop embodiment phase. This is why it is so important to take care of our bodies, exchanging resting periods with clearing ones, as otherwise, we could not manage the massive amount of frequencies that are coexisting with us, at this time, and that as conscious souls, we have already agreed to integrate and co-create with.

This is a month whose main strength lies in precisely focusing on resting and reflecting upon our personal journey, so we can retrieve a higher wisdom of our current journey, for illumination comes when we commune with our soul in deep silence, without judgements and open to what we may receive, as this month’s master universal 11 frequency reminds us. A frequency that in tarot is represented by the fiery card of the strength – a woman holding between her hands the jaws of a Lion (sun) – representing the physical strength that can only come through the power of love, wisdom and balance, cultivated within.

At a planetary level, we begin this month by having Venus entering into Cancer on June 2nd. With Venus is in Cancer we may feel extra sensitive, and deeply emotional. It is precisely those who have as a personal mission to bring back the lost feminine essence in the Planet, the ones who will feel more vulnerable, at this time. Vulnerability when embraced is a gift, for it makes you stronger in expressing your feelings, rather than hiding them. It is also wonderful times to take care of ourselves, at all levels, as we too take care of others and spend some time doing things that nurture our being and that bring us joy too.

On June 10, we have another New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini. At the eclipse time we have Mercury in Gemini retrograde with the north node also in Gemini, and all square Neptune, which is the aspect of us that connects us with our soul, with the ethereal, in opposition to Gemini who rules the head.

With this Gemini eclipse we have an opportunity to create balance, to recognize illusion and be flexible in our thinking rather than lineal, as we too have five planets in mutable signs. This is again an opportunity to go further into our inner work of polarity integration, as after all, it is one of the most important inner tasks to do, when we are in a conscious evolutionary journey.

On June 11, Mars enters Leo. This is going to be a great influx of strength at a time when we are challenged by many different energies, as we may tend to drain ourselves in this constant process of integration. Mars represents our physical strength, but also our energy, vitality and power, in a more physical level. Mars in Leo doubles its power, making it a very powerful one, if wisely direct it.

As always, it is such a powerful frequency that certain hidden patterns or issues such as anger, frustration etc. May emerge, if we have these repressed emotions inside and need to confront them. This is an opportunity for us to learn how to direct this fiery energy in a constructive way, for as always, all emotions are simply energy and it all depens on how we filter them that they can be constructive or destructive.

On June 14, we have Saturn square Uranus, which is something that only occurs every twenty years or so. This aspect is the one that is marking the planetary shift that we, as species are having. A macro representation of what is already taking place in our micro universe – the need for freedom over slavery and control. This is an on-going process that has been occurring for a while and that will be a turning point for all of us.

There are many changes indeed happening in both a personal and a collective level, and this is just the beginning, even though the efforts of many to be otherwise, as humanity is embracing a higher level of consciousness, shifting slavery patterns that have been happening for years and beginning to retrieve their sovereignty.

On June 20, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, will turn “retrograde”. Mercury will accompany Jupiter by doing the same on June 22. As many of you know, I do not focus on a limited perspective of reality. I have been for few years now releasing many fixed beliefs, especially about astrology, and in my reality only govern my own micro cycles and Highest Will, not retrograde phases, for during these periods, all simply goes perfectly fine, as it shall be, always according to a Higher Plan.

The essence of this month is one for inner retrospection as the only way for self-illumination, whether Planets appear to be retrograde or not, for the frequency of a month goes beyond our planetary alignments, as there are, always, many things we cannot really know or envision, behind our human perspective. However, as the collective has created the illusion of retrograde, this, of course, has an impact, for all we create has an effect.

It is our personal choice to move inward, realize all is in truth an illusion, and begin to disengage from more old beliefs that only cause us fear.

As always, it is all happening according to the natural cycles of Creation, rather than a fear-based belief that we have created about planets being retrograde and of them causing us challenges or benefits. Jupiter invites us to expand from within before we do so in our physical reality. It is important to grow, to reflect and to measure the consequences our actions will have, before bringing our visions into the physical. This is one of the first steps before manifesting in the physical, whether we see it as being retrograde or not. All is what we desire to make of it.

On June 20, we have the Sun entering in loving Cancer together with the Summer Solstice for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice for those residing in the Southern one. With the Sun in Cancer we have the opportunity to connect with the aspect of us that feels at Home with All, and that reminds us that wherever we are in Home, for we belong to the entire Universe.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to work on our intuitive senses, and hence, our silver – feminine – aspect, as well as to grow in maturity and heal our emotional body, especially of the delusion of wanting to always live in the ethereal.

This is a time for us to work with our sense of protection, familiar issues that are still unhealed as well as with our sense of belonging to Earth.

A time for us to become our own caretakers, remembering that if we are not aligned with our Soul and take the time to release and heal first, we could not be of any assistance to others.

On June 24, we have Saturn sextile Chiron. This is one of the most important aspects as well for all of us, as this is going to imply a massive influx of healing, compassion and wisdom. This planetary encounter is going to serve for all who wish to take some time to restore themselves and focus on personal healing, as we all need to reset and rejuvenate, if we desire to go further into our personal mission of assistance.

On June 24, there will be a Full Moon in Capricorn that is going to be a wonderful one for us to work on the proper embodiment of Source’s Light Codes that we have been constantly integrating and that need to be anchored now into the physical. This is how we reach an inner state of illumination by descending from Above and anchoring Below what we receive from our Soul. Capricorn will assist us in regaining vitality by having first cleared all of our bodies and begin to direct our life force in a wisely, so our body cells receive enough energy to continue feeding the body.

On June 25, Neptune will retrograde. Although you know what my opinion is about retrogrades. Neptune’s Essence is always going to be there in the same way, for us to tune into it, when we are guided to commune with our soul, expand into our feelings, intuitive visions and work with our higher senses, independently of the illusion we have of it being retrograde or not.

In an 11 month, where illumination is key, Neptune and the many alignments it makes with other planets, is going to help us tremendously in communing further with our soul, Monad, for those who are on this stage, and the Illumined Forces and Beings that are there to show us how to remember the way to conquer our shadows and come back into our natural state of being, which is always one of love, in perfect flow with All.
We end the month by having on June 27, Venus entering into Leo. When Venus resides in Leo, it is said that it is all about how passionate we become in our relationships etc. To me, if we look from a higher perspective and begin to align with the essence of the Planets, we will realize that in truth it is not so much about the human interpretation we give to them, but about what they really are about, as unique living organism.

Venus in Leo is about turning this love, confidence, care and passion towards ourselves, becoming empowered beings, in love with the Divine Aspect within, so we can begin to give the same we hold within, which even though many still try to mislead, has nothing to do with narcissism, but with respecting and honouring Source’s will to manifest uniquely in each and every one of us. This is what we shall recognize and love, not the 3D aspect of ourselves, which in truth is also as divine as anything else.

We are the first ones who need our affection, love, and care, and if we cannot be authentic and loving towards the self, what can we give to others, if we are empty of all these attributes inside?

June is a month that comes with loving and soothing energies for those who are willing to work with their bodies, giving them time to rest, so they can emerge stronger. All has a time and this is a time for us to be our own caretakers, as enlightenment is precisely achieved when we respect Creation’s Laws and times, patiently surrendering to all, until the time to act differently comes.

Remember beloveds, we all are on a unique and wonderful mission to restore Earth’s planetary consciousness. This is something that we do by contributing, in our unique way, by seeding more love. How can we seed more love? By first becoming it, thinking, feeling and acting within Divine Love, and by remembering that by taking care of ourselves and sacred vehicles, we too take care and help heal the whole, as all we do reverberates in All.

Have a loving, healing and joyful June, Beloved Ones.
Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

Artist: @_jpierce



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